Professor Chippy Wood

Mr Punch, our National puppet, was originally a seventeenth century Italian Immigrant, worked from above as a marionette. The English shortened Pulcinella to plain Punch,cut his strings put him in a Booth, and gave him a complete new lease of life. He has cousins throughout Europe but none so appealing, or as colourful, as our Mr Punch.

His wife Judy joined him soon after and the cast expanded include clowns, ghosts, and crocodiles all in the good old Fashioned English Pantomime tradition.
He can still be seen at the seaside, although today he loves performing too at birthday Parties, fetes, parks, and corporate events, anywhere in fact where innocent childlike fun is appreciated.

Chippy Wood helps to carry on the tradition with his fun filled Punch and Judy shows. Introducing the children to all of Mr Punch's friends including Mr Policeman, Baby, Clown, Monkey and of course his beautiful wife Judy. Children and adults can't help but be impressed by the fantastic quality of the puppets, the set and the storyline.